Need storage?

Store items while you are moving, down sizing apartment storage, house relocating, renovating, travelling or working away, or just to make more room in the family home.

We have the size you need in our affordable brand new dry and clean storage facility. Why not store your household furniture and possessions safely and conveniently in our facility giving yourself the space you need.


3m x 3m

$105 inc GST/ month

Area: 9 m²

Suitable for: 2 bedrooms or small home. Tradesmen wanting to store tools and work equipment. For small business, documents that needs to be archived.

6m x 3m

$145 inc GST/ month

Area: 18 m²

Suitable for: Homes with 3-4 bedrooms. Suits commercial customers, household furniture, bikes, small cars, trailers, boats, jet skis, mowers and BBQ’s.

12m x 3m

$250 inc GST/ month

Area: 36 m²

Suitable for: Large home, 4 bedrooms or more. Large trailers, cars, boats. Commercial storage, tradesman tool and equipment storage.

Hazardous chemicals, inflammable or explosive items may not be stored at our facility and are not permitted.
It is also not ideal to store equipment or anything that maybe sensitive to heat and overheat due to weather conditions.

Storage Tips

  • Ensure you pack your breakables well, label your boxes, pack and stack to ensure you use every space possible.
  • Stack items you may need to go back for and leave them close to the entrance door for easy access.
  • If you are unsure of what unit size you need, visit our site to see the size of the sheds before your hire.
  • Use plastic or blankets to wrap your furniture to avoid scratches or other damage. When stacking furniture, place cloth or blankets in between each layer.