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Everyone needs more space. Bendigo Storage can store almost anything from office to house to business. Self storage is utilized by many renters, home owners, small and large business and corporations. Self storage is a safe place to store your possessions. Self storage offers privacy, flexibility, security and convenience.

  • 3 storage unit sizes
  • Open storage
  • 24/7 storage access
  • Safe & secure storage
  • 24hr CCTV
  • Security night sensors
  • Trickle charging
  • No lock-in contracts

Choose your storage type

3m x 3m

Ideal for 2 bedrooms or small home. Tradesmen wanting to store tools and work equipment. For small business, documents that needs to be archived.
$105inc GST/ month
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6m x 3m

Ideal for a larger home 3-4 bedrooms. Suits commercial customers, household furniture, bikes, small cars, trailers, boats, jet skis, mowers and BBQ’s.
$145inc GST/ month
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12m x 3m

Suitable for a large home, 4 bedrooms or more. Large trailers, cars, boats. Commercial storage, tradesman tool and equipment storage.
$250inc GST/ month
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Open Storage

Store large boats, cars, trailers, trucks, camper vans, caravans, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles and plant equipment. We can cater for almost anything.
$15inc GST/ week
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